Media & Communication

Media & Communication

Smarte Hoder understands the diversity and dynamics of this industry and has a deep understanding of its needs and what is required to succeed in various roles.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and aim to find the best candidates that fit their organizational culture and goals.

Whether our clients are looking for experienced executives, professionals or recent graduates who want to start their career in media or communications, we are prepared to find the right candidate.

Our goal is to deliver qualified candidates who can help our customers achieve their goals within Media & Communications.

Positions within Media and communication may include:

Information manager • Information advisor • Journalist • Business manager • Communications advisor • Marketing specialist • Marketing coordinator • Marketing manager • Media analyst • Press manager • Project manager and content producer • SoMe manager • Photographer • Graphic designer • Producer of sound and visual content • Copywriter / copywriter • Content producer • Brand manager • Business developer and UX writer