5. Final

  • Selection of the candidate: Based on the assessments made and advice from Smarte Hoder, a decision is made on which candidate to select for the position. If desired, Smarte Hoder can assist in preparing an offer to the candidate

Our candidate assessment consists of four parts:

  1. Assessment of how well the candidate meets competence requirements and formal criteria
  2. Personal reflections and experience of the candidate. What observations have been made during the interviews and discussions with the candidate
  3. An overall impression based on the notes from the above points
  4. A clear recommendation is based on the overall picture: should candidate go further in the process or not? If it is one of the last interviews, should you hire this person?
  • Evaluation of the process: review of the process with the customer
  • Follow-up: Candidate and customer are followed up by Smarte Hoder two (2) times in the first six (6) months after joining